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Crazy reasons why not to shop for vegetables from supermarkets and opt for farmers’ markets.

If you follow logic as I do you would have noticed that your body thrives and it is easier to lose weight when you shop from farmers’ markets and not supermarkets

While it is convenient to buy from the supermarket. Let’s accept that it is boring and monotonous and you eat the same veggies all year long. I mean you can be that way but I can not and I know so many of us do not wish to eat like that. They want to explore the colors and vibrancy of the planet.

Here are the top reasons not to shop at a supermarket

  1. The produce is highly sprayed
  2. The produce is genetically modified to stay fresh all year long
  3. The produce is waxed/oiled to make it look fresh for a longer time
  4. The best part of the vegetables is cut off like the greens are cut off from the radish. They actually provide the essential minerals
  5. The produce is wrapped in small plastics
  6. The produce is not the way nature intended and it is transported and handled so it loses its taste and value during the process
  7. Lack of minerals and vitamins makes you have water retention

While on the other hand, if you shop once a week at a farmers market, it’s fun, you meet people, and it’s vibrant. You eat real, natural and do not fall victim to the above plus you support our local farmers directly

Here are some WA farmer’s market you can visit and have fun shopping, Credits to https://www.ariescarrental.com.au/perth-farmers-market-guide/

  1. https://kalamundafarmersmarket.com/
  2. https://www.kcfm.com.au/
  3. https://mtclaremontfarmersmarket.com.au/
  4. https://www.farmersmarketonmanning.com.au/
  5. https://www.facebook.com/midfarmmarket/?ref=page_internal
  6. https://perthcityfarm.org.au/farmers-market/
  7. https://subifarmersmarket.com.au/
  8. http://www.freofarmersmarket.com.au/

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