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Blush Cheeks Iron Tea Box

your 28 days iron challenge



A daily care Iron box, with natural ingredients that are full of iron, vitamin C, and calming herbs.

A great combination of Iron tea and Aromatherapy sleep tea. Usually, when a person is deficient in iron, he or she is either in a high-stress environment or they are still not sure how their body is absorbing nutrients. Either way, it is important to first fix it.

If you are a young women who has to deal with low energy during periods this tea is for you.

f you are looking for an Iron drink or an iron-rich drink, that is loaded with iron-rich foods, to help you support your iron deficiency, this latte can be your best friend.

If you are someone who likes to have a nice rich creamy latte or strawberry milk you are in for a treat. This tea is rich in iron-rich foods, like beetroots, Stingy nettle, raw cacao, Jaggery or Indian molasses, pepita seeds, and strawberries. The high vitamin C contents of Strawberry powder help you absorb iron better. Helping you with headaches, and relief from that nausea feeling with iron deficiency. Although this tea is not an iron supplement, its rich contents make it a very good drink to drink natural sources of iron in a teacup.

This box is great for 28 DAY CHALLENGE OF HEALTH AND SUPPORT. Try this combo box for 1 month and see the difference.

Note – Iron tea is not branded or marketed as an iron supplement. All ingredients are high in iron and blended to help you but do consult your doctor.

All sourced locally or from India as per the seasonal abundance

Amazing Savings When You Bundle

Single Box
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Buy 3 Monthly box and get 4th FREE
Single Box
Buy Monthly Box
Buy 3 Monthly box and get 4th FREE
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Shipped from Perth Warehouse
Try our 28 days challenge.
100% money back guarantee

1. Red iron latte
"Best way to consume the tea is by adding 1 teaspoon of tea to 1 cup of hot water in your tea pot and letting it sit for 5 full mins with the kid closed for best results and taste"

2. Aroma Therapy Tea
"Check out how to use Aroma Therapy here"

Our 3 months program encourages your to get 3 month box and get a 4th box complimentary. Everything in life takes time and we advise you to allow 3 months to see significant shift in your habits of coffee, sugar etc and feel the difference in your energy with your new Tea regime. The 4th box is a bonus to assist you to continue the regime and not fall over once you have established good health
  • 2 X Iron latte
  • 2 x Aroma Therapy tea
  • Iron absorption meditation
  • pdf of building Iron levels regime.

Ingredients full of micronutrients, natural energy builder, extraordinary strawberry fudge flavours, helps wake up fresh and feel fresh all day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do not let caffeine absorb all the iron from your body and sugar distract your brain.

Best time to consume the Iron box contents is when your mind and body is restless at 2 pm each day and your crave a chocolate or a hot coffee to keep your mind engaged while satisfying the cravings.

The best way to consume the latte is by adding hot milk of your choice (I prefer oats milk) to 1 teaspoon of teas, mixing it well with a matcha or a spoon and letting it sit for 5 mins for the goodness of the tea to break into the milk, now enjoy it nice and warm.

Best way to consume the tea is by adding 1 teaspoon of tea to 1 cup of hot water in your tea pot and letting it sit for 5 full mins with the kid closed for best results and taste

Check out how to use Aroma Therapy here

"Iron box was the most important requirement for all the women out there. I observed that every woman had their own way looking after themselves. But most of them relied on coffee and heavy supplements. They hardly had anything natural for themselves. Hence I selected few ingredients that are rich in micronutrients and naturally rich in iron and created this latte. I added some traditional Indian ingredients like jaggrey (Indian molasaes) and dates and to balance it off I added strawberries for vitamin c boost. Resulting in strawberry fudge iron latte. Aroma Therapy tea ads value to the box as it's rich in vitamin c and calming your mind. Calm mind and body can absorb nutrients much faster.

All our teas are formulated with

  • Local and seasonal produce of Australia
  • Indian Himalayan rain forest herbs
  • Freeze dried and sun dried technology to keep all fibers and micro nutrients alive
  • In small batches
If you find yourself in the morning not being able to function right or think straight or by midday you are stressing out and falling alepp and all you can think of is a cup of “coffee”. Then yes the caffeine right now is doing bad then good to you. You have fallen slave to it and you find it ok or you have been told that it is ok via advertisement and marketing to feel this way. So it is your job to take control of your mind and life by letting go of this addiction and fueling up your body with real goodness, nutrients and fiber.

There should not be any side effects and we do not have a single case of side effect from our active customers. 

The teas are made from non sprayed natural spices and herbs 

If you are concerned of a special condition you suffer from, you must consult your doctor before consuming

Detoxing helps, clear your gut, keep your skin shinning, stop you from mid avro cravings as you are much healthier and assists in reducing sugar cravings by reducing toxins in your body. 

Having said that, we can not make claims that our teas will show you definite results. Each person’s, their lifestyle, food habits and bodies are different. I recommend you to consult your doctor if you have any health concerns and get a better understanding of your own personal health prior to purchasing if in doubt. 

Try our products and swap it with your unhealthy snack and caffeine habits for 28 days in a row. If you do not see and feel the difference with how you look and feel. We I'll refund your money.

Conditions apply

Conditions apply
Post us 28 days of photos of you having our teas and lattes as a proof of participation. Without proof of participation and actual efforts no refund apply. 

Have Any Questions?

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