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Read this before your spend thousands $$$$ for detoxing

What is detoxing and why should you do it?

Detoxing, short for detoxification, is a process that aims to remove toxins or harmful substances from the body. Toxins can come from a variety of sources, including the environment, food, and personal care products, and may accumulate in the body over time.

The idea behind detoxing is that by eliminating or reducing the intake of potentially harmful substances and supporting the body’s natural elimination processes, one can improve their overall health and well-being. Detoxing can take many different forms, such as a juice fast, a special diet, or the use of supplements or other products that claim to support detoxification. However not everything is suitable for all on a rule of thumb, you must know your own body type and what suits you. Find out how by clicking here

Detoxing has been used in ancient ayurveda and alive and thriving in India for the last 3000 years. Many detoxing techniques are used for detoxing and below are some things you can start with to detox at home on an everyday basis

10 Rules for an Ayurvedic Diet

  1. Select Foods for Your Dosha Type. …
  2. Eliminate Snacks. …
  3. Eat Until Satisfied, Not Full. …
  4. Consume Whole, Fresh Foods. …
  5. Include All Six Tastes at Every Meal. …
  6. Reduce Ice Cold Foods and Beverages. …
  7. Eliminate Distractions While Eating. …
  8. Stop Eating Three Hours Before Bedtime.
  9. Eat local and seasonal
  10. Drink copper bottle water stored overnight for alkalizing

So what are the main reasons to detox?

  1. Keep bowels clear
  2. Avoid accumulation of heavy metals and toxins
  3. Avoid hormone imbalance which can result in obesity and other cause of diseases

How to do a home detox of 14 days

  1. Consult your Ayurveda Practitioner for a Castor oil pulling from the gut
  2. You can start by eating citrus fruits every morning and detox tea for toxin flush
  3. No white sticky food for 14 days, like rice, oats, bananas, milk, cheese, etc
  4. Eat whole and local and include proteins from lentils, fish, and some eggs not a lot
  5. Drink green juice on an empty stomach
  6. Do detoxing Yoga to help flush all toxins
  7. Meditate for 14 days (click here to request a free meditation for detoxing)

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