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Menopause Beauty Tea

Orange coriander calmness



This afternoon Menopause herbal tea/herbal cold brew water will allow you to alkalize your body at its best.

Menopause symptoms can be night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, bad temper, weight loss weight gain, etc. If you have your first missed period, immediately consult your doctor and do not try to fix it yourself. However menopause age is undermined, and people often think, about how to avoid menopause and what are the symptoms of menopause. Simply take the guesswork out and look after yourself first.

Menopause weight gain is the toughest challenge and my mother suffered from it. So this tea is connected to my heart. She will also tell you to do a menopause test before doing anything else with your GP.

This tea is created from herbs and produce that have proven effects on calming menopause symptoms. Orange is excellent for cooling down, while cumin and coriander also act fast to balance gut and sleep health. Stingy nettle is full of iron and micronutrients, while roses help with hot flushes. You can drink this tea hot or cold.

It is said that when a woman crosses her menopause, she is reborn in ancient India. The time of rebirth is exciting and amazing and meant to be calm.

However, in modern times we have shifted the meaning of menopause. Although this chase of time is real, we must reconnect to the roots of the science of menopause and Ayurveda.

Meditate whenever you can and ideally once a day to calm your mind and assist it with the right herbs so you feel good and glide through your menopause phase.

This Tea is not a medication, menopause supplement, medical remedy, or medical cure. It is purely nature’s ingredients at your support.

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Add 1 teaspoon of tea mix to your tea pot, pour 1 full cup of hot water on the top, close the lid and let it sit for full 5 mins. Now enjoy sipping away this yummy drink
Highly recommended to get 3 bags and get your 4th bag free. To see complete relaxing results with this tea.
Turmeric, coriander, 3 tulsi leaves, cumin, blood orange, chamomile, stingy nettle

Helps reduce hot flushes
Helps with sleep and anxiety

Mild orange like with hints of coriander.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Best time to have your  Menopause tea is during your mid avro slack time. We advise that instead of turning to coffee during your mid afternoon, assist your body with a tea that helps you rejuvenate naturally, keeps you from unhealthy fats, toxins and caffeine that can trigger more menopause symptoms.

The best way to consume it is by adding hot water to 1 teaspoon of teas, letting it brew for 5 mins and sip it away.

Menopause tea is formulated keeping in mind the everyday struggle of women with menopause. All selected ingredients are formulated with the help of naturopaths and flavours are there to make the tea more desirable for you to drink. Oranges cool down the hot flush, while the cumin and coriander seeds are excellent to balance hormones. The stingy nettle are your ovaries and uterus's best friend. Tulsi is said to be the feminine herb in Indian texts and aging women's best friend to keep her immunity intact. Chamomile is there simply to help you sleep. 

  1. All our teas are formulated with

    1. Local and seasonal produce of Australia 
    2. Indian Himalayan rain forest herbs 
    3. Freeze dried and sun dried technology to keep all fibers and micro nutrients alive 
    4. In small batches 

If you find yourself in the morning not being able to function right or think straight or by midday you are stressing out and falling asleep and all you can think of is a cup of “coffee”. Then yes, the caffeine right now is doing bad then good to you. You have fallen slave to it and you find it ok or you have been told that it is ok via advertisement and marketing to feel this way. So it is your job to take control of your mind and life by letting go of this addiction and fuelling up your body with real goodness, nutrients and fibre.

There should not be any side effects and we do not have a single case of side effect from our active customers. 

The teas are made from non sprayed natural spices and herbs 

If you are concerned of a special condition you suffer from, you must consult your doctor before consuming. Or your simply want to know what you can and can not consume due to any reason, please consult your doctor before consuming. 

We advise you to put in efforts of exercise, right diet and better sleep. We can not make claims that our teas will show you definite results. Each person’s, their lifestyle, food habits and bodies are different. I recommend you to consult your doctor if you have any health concerns and get a better understanding of your own personal health prior to purchasing if in doubt. 

Try our products and swap it with your unhealthy snack and caffeine habits for 28 days in a row. If you do not see and feel the difference with how you look and feel. We I'll refund your money.

Conditions apply

Conditions apply
Post us 28 days of photos of you having our teas and lattes as a proof of participation. Without proof of participation and actual efforts no refund apply. 

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