Ayurveda and food tips

How does your environment influence your food habits?

Your environment can have a significant impact on your food habits. Some factors include:

  1. Availability of food options: The type and variety of food available in your local grocery store, or the types of restaurants in your community, can influence what you eat.
  2. Social norms and peer pressure: The eating habits of those around you, such as friends and family, can shape your food choices.
  3. Marketing and advertising: The food industry heavily markets certain products, which can affect consumer preferences and choices.
  4. Cost and convenience: Your budget and the time you have available to prepare meals can impact the types of food you choose to eat.
  5. Cultural traditions: Your cultural background can shape your food preferences and the types of meals you enjoy.

Overall, your environment plays a significant role in determining the food choices you make and your eating habits.

So if you have something available now within your locality, I would say go for it. Availability impacts your food decisions. What I mean is, if you have a burger available now because there is a shop or there are figs available because they are in season and you live in Italy. I would pick Figs and feast on them. Because that is what your ancestors did and they impact your DNA memory and your health too. 

Marketing and advertising impact you too but they could be fads unless you see a farmers market advertising for themselves or a natural product making an effort to get you to eat better. 

Know your options, pick smart, and see the difference between advertising that influences you to make the right decisions or those whose brainwashes you like cola. 

Lastly, please eat your cultural food. Highly likely that you will respond well to it. Because it is well engrained into your DNA and also your taste buds will thank you for that amazing nostalgic feeling you get through it. It is a great way to boost dopamine. 

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