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I met my Tea master at a small community gathering in Perth and he trained me to become a unique Tea developer.

I refused a cup of Tea offered to me by a man in a small community gathering in Perth, Australia.

The man offering the tea was in his late 70s, offering a cup of tea with a Tea bag inside with a smile. He stood next to a tea station set up by a community gathering. I politely refused saying “sorry, I don’t fancy tea bag tea and I just had a good tea so I will pass on this one, thank you”.

He burst into laughter and asked my name and then he asked “What’s a good tea for me?”

I may have given a description which I don’t remember but I guess that made him smile even more. He leaned forward and said “My dear, I have been looking for that good tea for years myself, I haven’t found it either but I know how to create it”.

After a long conversation and loads of laughter around tea and preferences, he revealed a secret before he left.

He said to me “I am a Tea master and I dedicated 44 years, almost all my life, to providing great tea to people ”. “I don’t know why but I think I am meant to train you and give you all the knowledge I have so you can continue giving what I gave to the world”.

I took the offer without hesitation and learned Tea in depth from him for the next 3 years. Last year, I launched my brand Teaphoria based on the experiences I wish to give to the rest of the planet.

In his last letter he wrote to me before he passed away, he mentioned that “He sees himself in me and that I am meant to create special experiences for people beyond the Tea cup itself”. His words are forever haunting me and yet I feel blessed to read them as many times I can.

I wish to continue the legacy I was taught and shown by many other herb scientists, field experts, Ayurveda experts and many more people I met along the way.

Life is an extraordinary journey and you are meant to come across your purpose at some point in life. I don’t believe that there is anyone who hasn’t come across their core purpose at least once in their life.

If you feel you don’t want to be the one who left the planet without fulfilling your core purpose or even getting close to it, it is never too late to explore it. It does feel great to be able to contribute to the planet, its well being and the wellbeing of others. Most of the time we just dont know how to or we feel we are not playing big enough.

As humans we are meant to play big, change our own life and then lives of those around us creating a beautiful heaven that you dreamed of. We are responsible for bringing it to us and work through our deepest fears, beliefs, contractions and questions about the world we live in.

If this resonates with you and you want to learn more about how I take people onto a physical journey via a powerful 6 days expedition in the wilderness searching for your “real” core purpose. Then fill in the expression of interest form here.



If you are someone who has either made a decision that the world is not worth saving and you can’t contribute to exploring your optimum self or the planet please do not apply for this so we save time for both of us. I will not be able to help you.

If you are someone with newborn babies I can’t take you on the 6 days journey but can help you virtually.


I can work with those who,

  • Know that their purpose is beyond what they are living.
  • Believe they can take large “moonshots” towards their goals.
  • Are ready to explore themselves and find great collaborations
  • Are ready to take some responsibility
  • Are ready for a hard physical journey of 6 days into the outback of Australia.
  • Are ready for a real life experiences and get out of their comfort zone.
  • Are passionate about environmental projects, sustainable projects, solutions for current issues of the planet like climate crises, food and housing issues, greenhouse emissions etc.

Am I a coach?

No, I am simply someone who would show you real paths via showing you real environmental projects, agro projects, and other sustainability projects that need your attention and solutions and waiting to be scaled into businesses. Learn more about me here.

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