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Are you suffering from iron deficiency? Here’s how I boosted my iron levels!

Here’s how I boosted my iron levels!

Prati Bhatt

“I feel better after drinking your Iron Tea! I need some more!!!”

This was a statement made by a beautiful client of Teaphoria.

Iron Tea was an experiment I was doing for myself. I am a very active person in real life and full of energy. I like to invest my energy where I can outgrow myself.

Read on to find out more.

I joined Jiu Jitsu in 2020, a life changing decision indeed. I started practising just out of random, not knowing how much energy it is going to take from my body. After a short amount of time, I was low in iron. I had so many iron deficiency symptoms, including low performance, low Vitamin C and no focus on my work.

I went to my doctor who ran some tests and he asked “Are you a vegetarian?” I said “Yes, I prefer to eat a vegetarian diet most of time. I hardly touch any meat or seafood. I like my vegetables”. To which he replied “Only cows can get iron from the grass. Since you are not one, you will need an iron infusion or an iron tablet”.

I was quite shocked by this. I saw my reports. I was very low in iron. He explained what foods are high in iron, with meats being the highest. I remember thinking, if this was true, then all meat eaters will be high in iron. I walked past the chemist and decided not to buy my tablets from a big pharma. I also did not opt for iron infusion. I opted for patience and trust in nature and of course, my skills.

For the next few days I made calls to my suppliers in India and Australia and found out the most iron rich foods that they can process the way I needed them. I started working on a powdered formula, which can be drunk as a hot tea blend, in smoothies, or in your breakfast bowl. I wanted it to be high in Vitamin C, as well so my body is able to absorb the high iron rich foods incorporated in the powder.

A few weeks later, I came up with a bright red blend that is full of iron, made from odd foods, like stem of beetroots, Kakadu plums, orange peels and so many other fun ingredients. The blend was addictive and I was so happy with the results. My iron levels increased and I noticed a significant increase in my body.

You can add a little happiness factor in your life and try a personalised tea creation experience and get your own customised tea that suits your needs. 

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If you are low in iron, I invite you to try the ‘High Iron Tea’ by Teaphoria and tell us what you think. It can be a beautiful way to experience nature and good health in one blissful cup.


Disclosure: The drink is not a supplement for your food or not a medical supplement. I don’t ask you to replace your diet or your supplements written by your doctors with this drink. This is merely just a description about how I felt after consuming the iron blend and how other customers have reported back. It is made with no additives, nasties, or any flavouring outside what it truly is. 

 If you ever feel a lack of motivation, dizziness when standing up, walking or lying down, lack of energy and/or nausea, then you need to consult your doctor. If you have irregular periods or heavy flow periods and you feel all low in energy, please consult your doctor.

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