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Drink Your Way to Ancient Wisdom & Health

What is your relationship with food and a taste for native local ingredients

Have you fallen prey to eating foods that are convenient but bad?

Are you struggling with time constantly?

Do you not know where to start getting to know your body?

What end results we help you to achieve?

Better Relationship with Food
Loving Natural Flavours
Balanced Hormones
More Energy
Healthier You

In the last decade we as human race have formed addiction to artificial so called health drinks, pretentious health food, too many health supplements and sugar

If we continue as human race the way we are living without making revolutionary changes to our lifestyles we would go through much more crises like

  • Dysfunctional families and societies,
  • Big pharmas taking control
  • Anxious dysfunctional next generation (we already see major evidence of this)
  • People going for excessive healing without truly knowing themselves resulting in increased anxiousness and no growth

Imagine if you can have a great knowing of your inner healer and local food

  • What if you have a great relationship with local and native food
  • You thrive on what nature has to offer with little efforts
  • You are no longer addicted to sugars, no coffee cravings or junk food cravings, you simply appreciate real food
  • You have activated your inner healer, so you do not go for every second course on internet and spend $$$ on it year by year with little or no growth

Drink Fit is designed as a game changer program

  • For decades we have been impacted by smart advertising that controls the human mind. Normalising, glamorising and glorifying sugar and other harmful substances as
  • These believes are controlling your food habits, your behaviour, your stress, anxiety and the legacy you leave for next generation
  • Your beliefs are formed when you see people in movies holding cool take away cups walking on the streets looking busy, stressed, running for work and making it look cool and normal.
  • Cheap affordable chocolates in every isle placed at eye levels and expensive fruits.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and doctors having business contracts

But the good news is that you can take control of your subconscious mind today !

Tips to incorporate a better life for next 28 days

  • Wake up at 5 in the morning (no phone for first 2 hours)
  • Go for a jog and pace yourself for 3 km
  • Drink a recovering and nutritional latte like “Iron latte, protein latte” instead of coffee
  • Eat an oats cup, protein ball you made in advance for the week
  • 5 mins of Surya Namaskara (sun salutation a form of stretching) and a cold shower
  • Take a healthy meal to work or aim to buy salad with proteins if you are buying from outside
  • Come home and spend time with yourself with a nice evening tea like Tulsi chamomile roses or Aromatherapy tea
  • Pick up a new small project or have a family meal
  • Read 2 pages of a book
  • 5 mins meditation before you go to bed

That sounds aamazing but only 3% to 6% of people who start can achieve the above Why?

  • Because your mind and body holds certain beliefs and trauma about life that you hold onto tightly. So tightly that each time to try to let it go, you panic, as if your life depends on these believes.
  • Because change is harder then we think while it is the only thing inevitable to survive and thrive.
  • If you embrace the change you evolve with nature, while you put micro effort.

What do you get with Drink Fit?

  • You can be a part of it anywhere you are located and be a part of our online community
  • You will be taking a 3 month program 1 on 1 with me
  • You will be given books and materials that will support your personal journey
  • You will be able to share your success journey with others
  • You will receive a “personalised tea” made specifically for you based on your chakra, your body type, your journey and goals, your taste buds and food that suit and do not suit you
  • Your teas will be made from ancient secrets of Indian and Australian native outback (Ayurveda and indigenous)
  • You will learn to have great relationship with native and local food and importance eating them
  • Create a self sustaining food garden
  • You will given meditations and techniques specific to your needs, created for you with music that is best for you

Would you like to be a part of this amazing program?

Get to know more and let us get to know you, book a call with us now!

Here is what people have to say about Drink Fit

Tori Burke
Tori Burke
Read More
“It was intense but something I needed to feel. I’m gonna share it with my daughter so she can learn this now.”
Helen Happingston
Helen Happingston
Read More
“Thank you so much Prati! It was such a wonderful experience, sitting with you. The end part was like a delve past my masks that I present to the world to reveal the truth behind that – it was revelatory for me! Very grateful for your time and wisdom! You are living your dharma”
Sharelle Murphy
Sharelle Murphy
Read More
“After working with Prati, I have tears in my eyes each time. I’m confident that I want to spend the rest of my life working to uplift my community.”

Drink Your Way to Ancient Wisdom & Health

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