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Are you experiencing sluggishness and brain fog this summer? It is probably due to your gut health.

We are here to help you resolve it.

Prati Bhatt

Read on to find out more.

That’s right, if you are struggling to think clearly, and not able to make connections between your current thoughts and how you execute your thoughts, it could be due to your underlying gut issues. It can also mean that your gut issues and brain fog are related to an underlying fear or insecurity.

These feelings can often leave you with no hope for yourself. No motivation to follow your dreams. You can be sitting and questioning yourself, will I ever be good enough? Is anyone interested to know who I am? Or, what’s the point of working towards my goals? 

It is a major mental and physical block and it can create more fog in your mind.  

During Summer, this fog may also make you feel fat, depressed, lonely, sick and weird. You may also be influenced by people and trends around you that don’t really fit into your life or your personality.

If you have felt that way, then there is a way to gain clarity. You need to start by getting to know yourself better. It is easy to try a million things from the shelf and think nothing works for you.

Let’s make Self Love our Mantra for 2022. It is hard to know what true self love is, but when you start experiencing it, it can relieve you from the gut health issues, brain fogs, mental blocks and so many things that are stopping you from achieving great success. We suggest you start with one step at a time. Understand who you truly are. What is your life purpose? What underlying emotions are bothering you and taking away your beautiful core energy?

If you dont know where to start, you can do a personalised Tea creation experience with us, where we will take you on a journey of getting to know yourself better.

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Here at Teaphoria, we create personalised elixirs and detoxing experience, based on your mindset. We can also create personalised planned meditations and yoga poses, plus a lot more, to give you a thriving, healthy and clear mind.

We will post more information on such topics, as our mission is to “raise human consciousness by getting you to remember who you are”.

Teaphoria is a Tea project, and Tea is simply our driving force to allow us to do all other activities for humanity as we can.

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